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UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

IFAS Proposals Office

The UF/IFAS Proposals Office supports UF/IFAS faculty and staff in the development of grant proposals, with a focus on elevating the quality and quantity of submissions. We also support acquisition of core competencies by research administrators through training, mentoring, and leveraging out collaborative network within UF/IFAS and with core offices. 

  • Meet the Team
  • UF/IFAS Closeout Procedures for Fixed-Price Agreements


IFAS Proposal Deadline Policy

For proposal solicitations published by the sponsor at least 30 calendar days from the due date, proposals from IFAS faculty must be received by 9 am five (5) business days from the agency deadline (3 days for IFAS and 2 for DSP) to complete the review process. 

 DSP Deadline Policy (Click to follow link)

Proposals submitted in response to a solicitation announced less than 30 days from the sponsor’s due date are exempt from this deadline policy. The IFAS Proposal Office and DSP will fully review and submit these exempt proposals, depending on time and staff availability.  

Target deadlines are generally to be considered soft deadlines.  If you have a target deadline the IFAS Proposal Office requests that you follow the 9 am five (5) day deadline policy.

  • Approval process

    IFAS Proposals will review agency application, documents, cost share and verify the indirect cost before approving. All proposals must include the following items: Please Note: all of these items should only be attached in UFIRST documents once (i.e. Submission Documents or Internal Documents)

    •  agency guidelines
    •  scope of work
    •  itemized budget
    •  budget justification
    • Subaward Documents including :
      • Letter of Intent signed by authorized representative 
      • Budget
      • Budget Justification
      • Scope of Work(subaward portion only)
  • What should faculty know?

    Link to PI Eligibility 

    - Certification of UFIRST Proposal

    Faculty Introduction Sheet- Proposal Processing

  • What should unit leaders do?

    - Approve proposal in UFIRST

    - Work with your unit RA and faculty to understand the unit-level implications of complex proposal components such as cost sharing, budgeting faculty time, and release of temporary budgets