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UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

The UF/IFAS Annual Report of Peer-reviewed Journal Articles is created by the UF/IFAS Office of Research from a master list of unique references compiled by the UF/IFAS Publication Coordinator. The master list is compiled from publication data submitted by each UF/IFAS unit. Over the course of eight weeks, the master list is created following these steps:

1. Collect references from UF/IFAS Units

2. Organize references and review for compliance with Publication Reporting Guidelines

3. Unit lists submitted to UF/IFAS Office of Research for review

4. Revised unit lists submitted to Unit Heads for review

5. Master list of references submitted to UF/IFAS Office of Research

Follow the link for the UF/IFAS 2023 Publication Reporting Guidelines

  • Getting Assistance

    Email the UF/IFAS Annual Report Project Coordinator ( if you need assistance with submitting Unit Lists for the Annual Report.

  • Publication Reporting Information

    The following documents contain short guides illustrating the solutions to many common problems encountered during the reporting process.

  • EndNote Basic

    EndNote Basic is a popular web-based bibliographical software tool used by researchers to organize references. It provides users with the ability to build lists of references by importing publication data from online databases, electronic journals, or by manually entering publication information – although “copy & paste” is not advised.  An EndNote Basic account is available to everyone at no cost.  To import references from Web of Science or other UF Library electronic resources, a UF network connection must be utilized.