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UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

This call is for: Unit Leaders

Submission deadline: Monday, August 7, 2023 (CLOSED)


We received the call for the 2023-2024 University of Florida Foundation Term Professorships Program in support of the university’s preeminence goals and to support faculty research efforts. The Foundation plans to award two Term Professorships in 2023-2024 (see the announcement below from the Provost).

UF/IFAS may nominate one faculty member and this nomination is due to the Provost’s office by August 14, 2023. For the UF/IFAS selection, Department Chairs and Center Directors may each submit one nomination to the UF/IFAS Dean for Research Office by Monday, August 7, 2023.

The eligible pool includes untenured, tenured, or non-tenure-track faculty who have a substantial research assignment and an outstanding record of research accomplishments. Past winners include: Peter Hansen (ANS) – 2018, Nan-Yao Su (FLREC) – 2017, and Julie Maupin-Furlow (MCS) – 2015.

Each submission requires:

  1. Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae
  2. A description from the Unit Leader documenting the reasons that this faculty member should be nominated, focusing on their research accomplishments (please submit as a Word file – this will be used to compose the dean’s final nomination letter if this nominee is selected).
  3. Candidate response to the following areas:
    1. Provide an annotated listing of the most significant contributions to the Nominee’s field;
    2. Provide evidence of the significant national and international recognition for the Nominee’s work;
    3. Provide a statement of teaching effectiveness; and
    4. Provide evidence of local, national and international service impact.
  4. Confirmation (within the submission system) that Nominee will attend the required lunch recognition ceremony that will be held on Friday, November 3, 2023.


The response to #3 above should not exceed 4 pages.


All application materials must be submitted electronically at  by Monday, August 7, 2023.  Please contact John Davis ( or Kristin Knopf (k.knopf@ufl.edufor questions or clarification.