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UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

This Call is For: UF/IFAS Faculty

Submission Deadline: TBD


Click this link for a preview of the LIFT AI projects: LIFT AI Faculty Flyer


University of Florida/IFAS is committed to unlocking the transformational potential of artificial intelligence to address grand challenges faced by Florida and the world. To foster research collaborations and interdisciplinary team building in AI for agricultural systems, natural resources, and human systems, the UF/IFAS Dean for Research Office is requesting proposals for the LIFT AI program. 


Successful proposals were announced in early Fall 2022 and should be spent within 18 months


At least one investigator of the proposal must be in a faculty position in a UF/IFAS unit and have an active NIFA Reporting System (NRS) (formerly known as REEport) project (Hatch Regular, Hatch Multi-State, or McIntire-Stennis) approved by NIFA prior to proposal submission.

Award Scope and Criteria

The intent of this program is to catalyze new research teams that will leverage AI to address important research questions in agricultural systems, natural resources, and human systems. Successful proposals will: (1) clearly link AI methods, AI-ready data sets, deep knowledge of AI application domains, and awareness of key stakeholder needs; (2) enable development and analysis of AI-ready data; and (3) demonstrate potential for high impacts (e.g., novel research discoveries, value to stakeholders, significant extramural funding). Interdisciplinary collaboration, involvement of potential AI application end users, and teams involving multiple IFAS units are strongly encouraged. Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  1. Scientific merit and innovation
  2. Capacity, expertise, and experience of the faculty team
  3. Potential for creation of AI-ready data and/or adoptable AI applications
  4. Potential for the funds to lead to extramural private and/or public sector funding
  5. Impacts of the proposed project (e.g., publications, value to stakeholders)

How to Apply 

The information requested includes:

  • Cover sheet (entered online):

    a. Project title
    b. Investigator and collaborator affiliations (names, titles, affiliations, email addresses, and NRS (formerly REEport) project numbers if applicable)
    c. Funding requested
    d. General audience abstract (limited to 200 words)
    e. IRB and/or IACUC approval status for the proposed research, if applicable

  • Narrative (PDF, maximum 4 pages with one inch margins on all sides, at least 11 point font including tables and figures, but not including literature cited):

    a. Introduction: Justification and relevance of the project to important research questions and problems in agricultural systems, natural resources, and human systems.
    b. Proposed Research: A description of the proposed research objectives, hypotheses to be tested, analytical methods, and anticipated schedule.
    c. Expected outcomes and impacts: A brief description of the potential outcomes and impacts to key stakeholders and to the faculty members’ programs.
    d. Future Funding Plan: A description of how the research will support external grant proposals to be submitted, including the intended sponsors or funding agencies.
    e. Budget and Justification: A brief breakdown of costs and their justification by category. Please refer to the budget template provided. For HiPerGator services or hardware pricing, please see Funding cannot be used to support tenure track faculty salary.
    f. Literature Cited (does not count toward the page limit)

Submission Process

Please use the submission site link shown above.If you have IT issues with the website or do not receive an email confirmation upon submission, please contact Brian Gray ( If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Damian Adams (