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UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

This Call is For: UF/IFAS Faculty

Submission deadline: 2023 Deadline TBA


This year’s DeLuca Preserve/Forest Systems Jumpstart Funding program will support:

1)      DeLuca Preserve research, including baseline characterization of the 27,000 acre gift (link here), which is needed to meet the promise of the property as a state-of-the-art living laboratory. Topics include but are not limited to ecosystem services, BMPs, geospatial mapping, hydrological restoration, citrus or alternative crops, prescribed fire, species identification and distribution, threatened or endangered species, and research integration with teaching and/or Extension.

2)      Forest systems research, regardless of location, which may include but is not limited to the Ordway-Swisher Biological Station, or other forested sites that host research conducted by UF/IFAS faculty.

No upper limit per award has been established. We will track leveraging of external funds, as we have done in the past (link here).  It is anticipated that up to $750,000 will be awarded this year in the Jumpstart portfolio.


The PI must be tenure-track (or in a non-tenure-track position title classification that is eligible to submit a grant proposal through DSP) in a UF/IFAS tenure home unit, and have an approved McIntire-Stennis, Hatch Regular or Hatch Multistate REEport project that is active at the time of proposal submission.  Tenure-track faculty salary will not be supported on any Jumpstart award.  Tuition and equipment items >$5000 will not be supported on forest systems research projects, but are allowable on DeLuca Preserve research projects.  Projects will begin early 2023 and funding should be spent within 12 months.

The intent of this program is to expand research focused on the sustainability and resilience of agroecosystems and/or forests, leveraging their unique characteristics.  Proposals will be evaluated based on:

1) Quality of the proposed research, including hypotheses to be tested; and

2) Potential for this funding to leverage additional funding, preferably from competitive federal sources

Award Scope and Criteria: The intent of this program is to expand research focused on the sustainability and resilience of agroecosystems and/or forests, leveraging their unique characteristics.  Prior discussion of your proposal idea with site contacts (e.g., Brent Sellers of DeLuca and Tracey Sleek of OSBS) is encouraged.

Submission Process

To apply, go to the following website to enter the cover page information and upload your proposal by TBA. All proposals must be submitted through this website. The information requested includes:

Cover sheet (entered online):

a. Project title

b. Faculty affiliation(s) (name, unit, email, phone number)

c. REEport Project (McIntire-Stennis, Hatch Regular or Hatch Multistate title and number of existing project(s)

d. IRB and/or IACUC approval status for the proposed research, if applicable

e. Funding requested

f. Abstract (general audience abstract, limited to 200 words)

Narrative (PDF, maximum 4 pages with one inch margins on all sides, at least 11 point font including tables and figures, but not including literature cited):

a. Introduction:  Justification and relevance of the project to forests

b. Proposed Research:  A description of the proposed research objectives, hypotheses to be tested, analytical methods, and the anticipated schedule

c. Funding Plan:  A description of external grant proposals to be submitted

d. Budget and Justification:  A brief breakdown of costs and their justification by category

e. Literature Cited:  This does not count toward the 4-page limit

Selection Process

Proposals will be evaluated using the criteria listed above.  Proposals not adhering to the specified format or not submitted by TBA will not be considered.  The Dean for Research will be responsible for final award decisions.

For More Information

If you have IT issues with the website or do not receive an email confirmation upon submission, please contact Brian Gray (  For questions about the DeLuca Preserve or forest systems, please contact Brent Sellers at and/or John Davis at, respectively.