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REEport: Project Proposal Guidelines

For new Hatch Regular projects.


A Research Proposal is a research plan that must be submitted when a Hatch Regular or Animal Health Project is initiated. It must have clear and documented relevance to agricultural research. This proposal is NOT a detailed proposal like those submitted to NIH/NSF, etc. It should serve as a general statement of your research plans that typically spans up to five years and should serve as an umbrella to include grants that you already have, or for which you might apply.

Step 1:
Include the following in your research proposal
Title A clear, concise description of the subject matter, conveying the proposal's objectives and scope.
Justification Describe the reason, importance, and timeliness of the project. It also describes the ways this project will advance public welfare and/or scientific knowledge in agriculture and life in the study region.
Previous Work and Present Outlook A brief summary of previous research, the status of current research, and additional knowledge which this project is expected to provide on the subject matter. Cite only the more important recent publications at the end of the project outline.
Objectives Clear, concise statements that delineate the specific project results. The objectives should be logically numbered.
Procedures Statements that convey the essential working plans and methods, corresponding with the objectives and following the same number order. Current work needs to be designated as such. Include a clear description of the anticipated experimental methods, how the data will be collected and analyzed, the location of the work, equipment and facilities available, and additional equipment and facility needs should be indicated. The procedures should be the result of meticulous planning but should provide flexibility for change.
Probable Duration An estimate of the maximum time likely needed to complete the project and publish its results. Any changes in the objectives of the project should result in a new or revised project outline. The duration of all proposals should not exceed five years (60 months).
Personnel Reflects the leaders and other technical workers assigned to the research project. Note: Only the lead Project Director is awarded credit at UF for having a REEport project.
Institutional Units Involved Subject-matter units in the agricultural experiment station and any other units of the institution contributing essential services or facilities to the research project. The responsibilities of each unit and official titles for any committees should be listed.
Collaboration A statement listing the U.S. Department of Agriculture and any other stations, institutions or agencies expected to cooperate on the project.
Step 2:
Review your proposal
Proposal review The drafted proposal needs to be reviewed and critiqued by at least three Ph.D. individuals with subject-matter knowledge (your Unit Leader may be a reviewer or someone from another unit or outside agency). Reviewers’ meaningful feedback should be incorporated in the final outline.
Step 3:
Submit your proposal for UF/IFAS approval
Proposal submission Before proceeding, complete the Project Submission/Approval form at this link:

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