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UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

UF/IFAS International Programs Advisory Team (IPAT)

Purpose Statement

The International Program Advisory Team’s purpose is to:

• Act as a bridge between statewide IFAS faculty and IFAS Administration – led by the Senior VP of AG and Natural Resources.

• Provide advice to IFAS Administration on issues that they and/or faculty bring to the Team.

• Provide feedback to the IFAS Administration on opportunities or problems.

• Assist in implementing new policies and programs that IFAS Administration deems advantageous to the program.

• Assist in the selection of awards made by IFAS Administration. 

Read the IPAT Bylaws here.

Who We Are

Executive Committee

IPAT member Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman


Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman
Entomology and Nematology
Member 2018-2021

IPAT member Claudio Gonzalez


Claudio Gonzalez
Microbiology and Cell Science
Member 2018-2022

IPAT member Celina Gomez


Celina Gomez
Environmental Horticulture
Member 2018-2022

IPAT member Greg McDonald


Greg MacDonald
Member 2018-2020

Faculty Members

IPAT member Grady Roberts

Grady Roberts
Agricultural Education and Communications 
Member 2018-2020

IPAT member Marilynn Swisher

Marilynn Swisher
Family, Youth and Community Sciences
Member 2018-2020 

IPAT member Karen Kainer

Karen Kainer
Forest Resource and Conservation
Member 2018-2020 

IPAT member Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson
Member 2018-2020 

IPAT member Jose Santos

Jose Santos
Animal Sciences
Member 2018-2021 

IPAT member Jaclyn Kropp

Jaclyn Kropp
Food and Resource Economics
Member 2018-2021 

IPAT member Karen Garrett

Karen Garrett
Plant Pathology
Member 2018-2021 

IPAT member Rao Mylavarapu

Rao Mylavarapu
Soil and Water Science
Member 2018-2021 

IPAT member Ramiro Isaza

Ramiro Isaza
Veterinary Medicine
Member 2018-2021 

IPAT member Yiannis Ampatzidis

Yiannis Ampatzidis
Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Member 2018-2022 

IPAT member Robin da Silva

Robin da Silva
Food Science and Human Nutrition
Member 2018-2022 

IPAT member Jeong Im Kim

Jeongim Kim
Horticultural Sciences
Member 2018-2022 

IPAT member Elizabeth Pienaar

Elizabeth Pienaar
Wildlife Ecology
Member 2018-2022 


Ex-Officio: IFAS
Ex-Officio: UFIC
Student: Graduate
Student: Undergraduate


Programs and Activities

Caribbean Council for Higher Education in the Greater Caribbean (CACHE)

The Caribbean Council of Higher Education in Agriculture (CACHE) is a nonprofit organization of educational institutions of higher education in agriculture, rural development, and natural resources in the wider Caribbean (including Florida).

Our membership offers UF/IFAS the opportunity to:

• Strengthen our influence in the Region.

• Improve the agricultural and natural resources curriculums of the various member institutions.

• Foster student and faculty exchange.

• Recruit students

• Assist UF faculty/students with their engagement in the Region.

Find out more about CACHE by clicking here.

IPAT International Awards

In accordance with UF’s strategic goal for internationalizing the campus across all mission areas, the UF/IFAS International Programs Advisory Team (IPAT) has established four annual awards for UF/IFAS faculty and staff.

• International Achievement Award*

- Recognizes early career faculty members (i.e., less than five years post tenure or no more than 10 years into their academic career for non-tenure track).

• Excellence in Internationalizing Student Education Award*

    - Recognizes staff for their contributions to supporting teaching efforts and international students at UF.

    • International Extension Award

      - Recognizes 100% extension appointment faculty for their contributions to building an international dimension into their Extension program.

        • International Fellow Award*

        - Recognizes outstanding international career accomplishments by mid to late career faculty members (i.e., more than five years post tenure or at least 10 years in their academic career for non-tenure track).

        *Feeds into UFIC’s International Educator of the Year Award

        One UF/IFAS faculty or staff member will be selected for each award, will receive $500, and will be recognized at the appropriate IFAS-level ceremony.

        The top two Fellow and Achievement nominees, and top Student Education nominee will be considered for nomination for the UFIC International Educator of the Year Awards in the fall.

        Past Winners


        Sr Faculty - Gbola Adesogan (ANS)

        Sr Faculty - Don Behringer (SFRC)

        Jr Faculty -  Monika Oli (MCB)

        Jr Faculty - Aditya Singh (ABE)

        Sr Faculty - Bill Giuliano (WEC)

        Jr Faculty - Luke Flory (AGY)

        Staff - Gene McAvoy (Extension)

        Sr Faculty - Kirby Barrick (AEC)

        Sr Faculty - Greg MacDonald (AGY)

        Jr Faculty - Nicolas DiLorenzo (ANS)

        Jr Faculty - Bob McCleery (WEC)

        Coming Soon:

        IPAT International Travel Awards

        The IPAT is currently revising their review process for these awards and will update this page soon.

        UF/IFAS Global Excellence Faculty Mentor Program

        Information about this program will be released in 2020