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UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research

IPAT Bylaws

Purpose Statement

The purpose is to:

  • Act as a bridge between statewide IFAS faculty and the IP office.
  • Provide advice to the Director of IFAS IP on issues that the Director and/or faculty bring to the Team.
  • Provide feedback to the Director on opportunities or problems.
  • Assist in implementing new policies and programs that the Director deems advantageous to the program.
  • Assist in the selection of awards made by the IP office.

Membership and Selection

  • The IPAT committee will consist of members appointed by the Senior Vice President of IFAS. Each department in CALS will have a representative as well as the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and the county extension faculty. Two additional members will be appointed to represent undergraduate students and graduate students.
  • Each of the members representing departments will be nominated by the department Chair in consultation with Center Directors that house department faculty and the IP Director who will assure adequate representation for extension, research, teaching and the RECs.
  • The member representing county faculty and CVM will be nominated by the Dean of Extension and CVM Dean,
  • A graduate student and an undergraduate student member will be nominated to represent graduate and undergraduate students respectively by the IPAT members. The IPAT Executive Committee will appoint both student representatives.  
  • The Director of IFAS/IP and one representative from the UF International Center will be ex officio
  • Term of service - the term of service for the CALS departmental members, CVM member, and county faculty member will be 4 years, with 25% of the membership rotating off each year. The term of service of the student members will be one year.
  • Nominations - all nominations for IPAT members will be made in February and they will be appointed to the position by the end of the spring semester. Each member’s term will begin at the commencement of the Fall semester.
  • Should a member leave the committee before the end of their term, the Senior VP of IFAS will appoint a new individual to that position based on the aforementioned procedure. The new individual must represent the same unit or student group as the member who left.

IPAT Officers

  • Officers will be the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.
  • The Chair will be elected from the faculty membership of IPAT according to this procedure: Upon election, he/she will serve for one year as Vice-Chair and will then advance to the position of Chair in the second year. To be eligible to serve as Chair, the individual elected as Vice-Chair must have spent at least one year on the IPAT before nomination.
  • A Secretary will be elected annually to serve a one-year term. The candidates for Secretary must have served at least one year on IPAT in order to be nominated.
  • Process of election will be an annual nomination in February for Vice-Chair and Secretary. A brief resume of nominee(s) for each office will be provided to the IPAT committee members. The current Chair of IPAT will conduct an election via email within 30 days of the nomination for each position. A simple majority is required for election.

Duties of each IPAT Officer

Chair – the Chair will be responsible for:

  • Scheduling meetings that will be held no more frequently than monthly
  • Appointing members of standing committees
  • Organizing the agenda for each meeting in collaboration with the IP office
  • Directing IPAT meetings
  • Making ad hoc committee assignments
  • Oversight of IPAT activities to assure they are done in a timely fashion.

Vice-Chair – the Vice-Chair will be responsible for:

  • Assisting the Chair with all duties and fill in for the chair when (s)he is unable to fulfill duties
  • Serving as Chair of the International Awards Committee.

Secretary – the Secretary will be responsible for:

  • Recording and maintaining the minutes of each meeting
  • Distributing the meeting minutes to IPAT no later than one week prior to the next IPAT meeting with the assistance of the IP office.

Standing Committees

Travel Grant Committee

  • Consists of 3 IPAT members appointed by the Chair
  • Serve a 1 year assignment.
  • Appointments to the committee are made by the end of the first week of the fall semester.

International Awards Committee

  • Consists of 5 members appointed by the IPAT Chair, of which:
    • at least one member is a past International Fellow recipient;
    • at least 2 members are on IPAT;
    • at least one  member is from county faculty;
    • at least one member is an assistant professor, one member
    • an associate professor and one member a full professor
  • IPAT Vice Chair serves as Chair of the International Awards Committee
  • Members of this committee can also be appointed from CALS at large
  • Two designated IPAT members serve a 2-year term. The appointment of IPAT members is staggered so that each rotates off the committee in a different year, thus providing committee memory
  • Other committee members have a 1-year assignment
  • Appointments to the committee must be made by the end of the Spring semester for their duties to be served in the following academic year.

Developed by ad hoc IPAT By-Laws Committee in Fall 2006

Members:  Nick Comerford, Lawrence Datnoff, Nick Place, Amy Simonne (Chair) 

Approved by IPAT on March 28, 2007

Dr. Steven A. Sargent, Chair

Revised and approved by IPAT on September 9, 2008; December 1, 2009; February 19, 2010; and April 16, 2010.