Proposal Processing

The UF/IFAS Proposal Processing Office reviews all proposals, Faculty Service Programs (FSPs), Sponsored Program Agreements (SPAs), Advance Releases/Extensions of Time and CAS Exemption requests prior to the Dean’s review and approval.

Proposal Creation

The UF Integrated Research Support Tool (UFIRST) is the proposal creation, routing and approval system at the University of Florida. Principal investigators (PIs) work together with their unit grant specialists to create and route proposals for approval. This process is completely electronic and requires PI certification and Unit Leader approval before automatic submission to IFAS Proposal Processing

More information about proposal creation and routing using the UFIRST can be found here.

Proposal Review and Signoff

To submit a proposal for the Dean’s review and approval, you will need to enter it into the UFIRST system. Our office will review the existing approvals and documentation and verify the indirect cost before approving. Once our office approves, the submission will automatically move forward for a Dean’s approval. A proposal is eligible for review and approval once the following is included:

  • the scope of work,
  • the budget; an internal budget may be requested to verify the IDC requested
  • the budget justification,
  • and the sponsor guidelines or a copy of the existing agreement

Please note that our office will not begin reviewing your submission before the PI has certified the proposal.
The general turn-around time is 24-48 hours per proposal, but total processing time is dependent upon personnel availability, workload and proposal completeness. UF/IFAS Proposal Processing recommends that unit grant specialists allow additional time for handling to mitigate time lost to address issues with a proposal. You may check the status of your submission by accessing the “History” tab in your proposal workspace.

Other Items Requiring Dean’s Review and Approval

IFAS Proposal Processing processes select non-proposal items for review and approval. These include:

  • Sponsored Program Agreements (SPAs)
  • Advance Release of Funds/Extension of Time Requests
  • Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Exemption Requests
5.16.2018 v2