Proposal Deadline Policy

(Updated: May 24, 2018)

The UF Office of Research (the Division of Sponsored Programs, or DSP) instituted a hard deadline for submission of proposals announced at least 30 calendar days prior to the due date. These proposals must arrive in DSP, submit-ready, by 9 a.m. on the business day prior to the sponsor deadline. DSP will not submit proposals that miss this window.

This policy becomes effective June 22, 2018. We realize that each unit may need additional time for processing at their level so we recommend that affect staff, faculty, and unit leaders visit DSP’s Proposal Deadline Policy site for additional detail.

Proposals submitted in response to a solicitation announced less than 30 days from the sponsor’s due date are exempt from this deadline policy. DSP will fully review and submit these exempt proposals, depending on time and staff availability.

Proposals Subject to the DSP Policy are likely (but not always) to be:

  • federal and some non-federal competitive proposals (where UF is lead or sub-recipient)
  • proposals with large budgets; proposals with multiple pieces that must be coordinated complex/integrated proposals
  • proposals that must be submitted by DSP through at least one electronic system (e.g.

Proposals Exempt from the DSP Policy are likely (but not always) to be:

  • non-federal proposals (e.g. State, non-profit and private foundations), industry agreements, “rolling” submissions
  • proposals with non-standard budgets
  • proposals that are submitted via email by either DSP or the unit through a simple system

IFAS’ Proposal Deadline Guidance

For proposal solicitations published by the sponsor at least 30 calendar days from the due date, IFAS requests three (3) business days from the DSP’s deadline to complete the college-level approval process. This allows IFAS to properly review proposals and decrease the risk of missing non-compliant sections, addressing oversights or errors in budgeting, and of encountering technical glitches and bottlenecks. It guarantees that PIs will meet DSP’s deadline, improves the quality of proposals and eliminates the possibility that DSP will not submit a proposal.

For all proposals:

  • Submissions must be ready to submit to the sponsor. In addition to certain requirements outlined by DSP, proposals should be complete, certified by the PI and appropriately reviewed by the Unit Leader
  • While UFIRST allows a department to begin the approval process before the submission and/or the necessary internal documents have been uploaded, and for the ‘return’ of proposals to complete the submission, these options should be used sparingly
  • Complete submissions will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis

What Can Faculty Do?

  1. Start early by sharing sponsor guidelines (e.g., RFPs, solicitations, sponsor policies) with grant support personnel ASAP.
  2. Allow enough time to complete proposals that are subject to DSP’s proposal deadline policy and IFAS’ guidance and timeline.
  3. Communicate an internal timeline for proposal completion to collaborators.

What Can Unit Leaders Do?

  1. Work with grant support personnel to understand the unit-level implications of complex proposal components such as cost sharing, budgeted faculty time and subcontracts.
  2. Help communicate the change in UF policy.

What if I have other Questions?

Contact Robin Barber (IFAS Proposals)
Robin Barber, IFAS Proposal Processing, 352-273-3491,
See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Please review these FAQs for guidance related to the timely and successful submission of sponsored programs.
See our Responses to Unit Questions
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