Ordway-Swisher Biological Station

The Ordway-Swisher Biological Station (OSBS) is a University of Florida research support facility established for the long-term study and conservation of unique ecosystems through management, research, and education. OSBS currently comprises over 9,500+ acres with building facilities to support research, education, and conservation efforts. The Station is administered through the UF Institute of Food & Agricultural Science's (IFAS) Office of the Dean for Research and is located approximately 20 miles east of Gainesville in Melrose, Florida.

Click here to view and download the OSBS Overview Document: Ordway-Swisher Biological Station Overview (2017)

Station Office Mailing Address
Phone: 352.475.2300
Fax: 352.475.2848
Email: osbs@ifas.ufl.edu
Website: kzaron@ufl.edu
Ordway-Swisher Biological Station
University of Florida
693 State Road 26
Melrose, FL 32666