UF/IFAS Research & The Florida Agricultural Experiment Station

G040 McCarty Hall D
PO Box 110200, Gainesville, FL 32611-0200

Rob Gilbert 1.9.2019

Robert Gilbert
Dean for Research
Director of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
352-392-1784 | ragilber@ufl.edu 

Sherry Larkin in the dean profiles section of research

Sherry Larkin
Associate Dean for Research
Associate Director of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
352-392-1784 | slarkin@ufl.edu 

John Davis
Associate Dean for Research
Associate Director of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
352-392-1784 | jmdavis@ufl.edu


Jerry Fankhauser
Assistant Director
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
352-294-0466 | gfankhauser@ufl.edu

Damian Adams

Damian Adams
Interim Assistant Dean for Research
Interim Assistant Director of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
352-846-0872 | dcadams@ufl.edu 

Support Staff

Robin Barber
UF/IFAS Proposal Processing
352-294-7515 | rbarber7582@ufl.edu 

Kat Carter-Finn
Assistant Director of Finance
352-273-3489 | kfinn@ufl.edu

Zak Gilbert
Financial Analyst IV
352-273-2948 | zgilbert@ufl.edu 

Brian Gray
Application Developer Analyst
352-273-3445 | seven7@ufl.edu

Dana Holt
Assistant Director of Finance
352-392-3150 | danasu@ufl.edu

Kimberley McCall
Administrative Support Assistant I
352-273-3448 | kimccall@ufl.edu 

Mary Anne Sanders
Communications Specialist
352-273-3487 | mary.sanders@ufl.edu

Cassie Sexson
Executive Assistant
352-392-1786 | cjlema@ufl.edu

Linda Smith
Administrative Specialist
352-273-3447 | lasm@ufl.edu

Nancy Wilkinson
Director of Finance and Business
352-273-3498 | nwilkin@ufl.edu

UF/IFAS International Support Team (IIST)

Benita Bannis
IIST Manager
352-273-3491 | bbannis@ufl.edu

Devin Perry
Pre-award Administrator

Ryan Chance
Post-award Administrator
352-294-6957 | ryanjc@ufl.edu

Jessica Childers
Procurement and Compliance Administrator
352-294-6958 | jchilders@ufl.edu

Plant Germplasm Intellectual Property and Licensing

John Beuttenmuller
Executive Director
352-392-9446 | beutt@ufl.edu

John Watson
Licensing Associate
352-273-3656 | jwatson7@ufl.edu

Jim Holm
Licensing Associate
352-273-2262| jrh2525@ufl.edu 


Contact Information

UF/IFAS Office of the Dean for Research
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
P.O. Box 110200
Gainesville, FL 32611-0200