UF/IFAS Climate Change Research

As shown in this video, UF/IFAS researchers across the state are working to address issues related to our changing climate. Some of those projects were funded by the "Climate Change and Florida's Agricultural, Natural Resourcecs and Human Systems" Seed Fund Grant opportunity in 2016. Funding was provided by the UF Office of the Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources and the UF/IFAS Research Dean's Office.

Those projects are listed below.

PI Name Unit $ Amount Commitment Description
Damian Adams Forest Resources & Conservation  $145,660.00 Removing a Key Barrier to the Use of a Critical Climate Change Mitigation Tool Economic Modeling of Longleaf Pine Market Value and Ecosystem Services
Jason Smith Forest Resources & Conservation  $105,315.00 Pine Forest Health in the Future: Discovering Biological Drivers of Disease Ecology in a Changing Climate
Nicolas DiLorenzo North Florida REC  $139,679.00 Potential of Nitrates to Mitigate Enteric Methane Emissions While Enhancing the Productivity of Beef Cattle/Forage Systems 
Jimena Laporta Animal Sciences  $150,000.00 Climate Change in the Dairy Industry: Identification of Pathways and Cellular Processes in the Mammary Gland and Evaluation of Plausible Trans-Generational Effects of heat Stress Causing Impaired Milk Production
Todd Osborne Soil and Water Science  $102,188.00 Translating Effects of Sea level Rise in Urban Systems to the Coastal Ecosystem Interface
Xiang Bi Food & Resource Economics  $149,931.00 Identifying Tipping Points and Willingness to Pay for Adaptation Strategies to Sea Level Rise
Thomas Frazer Forest Resources & Conservation  $127,300.00 Historical Ecology of Seagrass Meadows: Assessing Multi-Centennial Dynamics of Threatened Biodiversity Hotspots
Bala Rathinasabapathi Horticultural Sciences  $121,000.00 Toward Climate-Change Resilient Crops: Genomics of Heat Stress Tolerance in Rice
Kathryn Stofer Ag Education & Communication  $67,492.00 Community Chats: Tweaking the Science Café Format to Promote Public Engagement on Climate Change and Public Health
Melanie Correll Ag and Bio Engineering  $149,997.00 Building the Tools to Manage and Breed Climate Change-Adapted Crops for Florida