Citation Classics

Citation Classics is a new content series developed by the UF/IFAS Research Dean's office to highlight faculty-authored publications that have made substantial impacts in the scientific community and the world. The benchmark for publications included in this series are papers published in peer-reviewed journals that have more than 1,000 citations. This page will be updated throughout the next several months with additional papers that have achieved this incredible caliber. 

Karl E Havens

Photo of Karl Havens and algal blooms

The late Karl E Havens published more than 150 peer-reviewed journal articles throughout his 35-year career in aquatic research. His research specialty was the response of aquatic ecosystems to natural and human-caused stressors, including hurricanes, drought, climate change, eutrophication, invasive species and toxic materials.

In 2004, he joined the UF/IFAS enterprise as the Chair of the School of Forest Resources and Conservation's Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences program. Four years later, he became the Director of the Florida Sea Grant College program.

A paper he co-authored and published in Science Magazine titled "Controlling eutrophication: nitrogen and phosphorus" had been cited more than 2,000 times! According to Google Scholar metrics, this paper gains traction each year with the number of citations per year continuing to grow, showing its relevance and importance to the scientific community.

Dr. Havens passed away suddenly in April 2019, and this paper is just one example of the tremendous body of work that he left behind for the benefit of all.

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