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UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesCITRUS GENOME > Scientists including UF/IFAS’ Fred Gmitter sequenced the genomes of eight citrus varieties, an accomplishment that could provide insights on numerous citrus diseases.

UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesCANKER > After helping discover a gene that makes citrus trees more susceptible to citrus canker, UF/IFAS researchers are one step closer to a possible cure for the bacterial malady.

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UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesPSYLLID SIGNAL > A UF/IFAS study shows that citrus greening disease causes infected trees to release an airborne chemical that attracts the insect responsible for vectoring the greening pathogen.

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UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesGREENING > Steam treatment can kill the bacterium responsible for citrus greening disease and may help infected trees survive, though this method can’t purge the microbe from tree roots.