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  • Program Overview

    Developing Leadership for the 21st Century

    Lead21 is a national program designed to provide training and a comprehensive knowledge base for future leadership development in land grant institutions. The year-long program provides a hands-on training structure that includes working directly with institution management to gain experience, grow a peer network and develop the skills necessary to manage a complex environment. Past participants have gone to fill leadership positions in their respective fields such as department chairs and directors.

    Lead21 at IFAS Dean for Research Office

    While LEAD21 is a national program, each institution adapts its program for optimal specialization. The Office of the Dean For Research emphasizes specialized management training, decision making and leadership. With the ultimate goal being to promote scientific research, participants partake in the following:

    • One day of each week spent shadowing the dean for research. Participants are involved in all duties the dean takes part in and will aid in meetings, decision making and offer his or her own ideas toward problem solving and task management.
    • Attending national conferences to complete joint assignments with other Lead21 participants. This involves convening at different locations around the country and covers subject matter such as improving work performance, managing change and research legislation.
    • Expand knowledge base in IFAS disciplines. With the breadth of IFAS as an institution, it is important for future leaders to know disciplines outside of his or her own field in order to establish networks.
    • Attend legislative meetings. As a land grant institution, future leaders must have the skills to communicate with political officials and attain an understanding of how IFAS is funded and promotes its science community.
  • Participants

    Current Participant

    Cliff Lamb - 2011

    Assistant Director – North Florida Research and Education Center

    Professor – Animal Sciences

    Dr. Lamb specializes in developing efficient artificial insemination protocols, evaluating practical livestock reproductive technologies and exploring factors affecting cattle reproduction. Results from this research benefits beef producers to improve operational standards and introduce the industry to leading reproductive technologies.

    As assistant director of the North Florida Research and Education Center in Marianna, Dr. Lamb aids in managing the 1,300-acre facility which specializes in reproduction efficiency and genetics of cattle. 

    Past Participants

    Adegbola Adesogan - 2010

    Professor - Animal Sciences

    Dr. Adesogan served as a fellow in the Florida Agriculture Experimentation Station in 2010. He is currently a professor in the department of animal sciences, teaching undergraduate and graduate classes in ruminant nutrition as well as conducting research.

    His research program is targeted toward developing more sustainable and efficient practices in the animal production field. Specifically, Dr. Adesogan’s research explores legume, plant nutraceuticals and forage supplements for improved health and performance of livestock.

    As a recent participant in the LEAD21 program, Dr. Adesogan has gained leadership experience valuable in present and future career paths.


    Tom Frazer - 2009

    Associate Director – School of Forest Resources and Conservation

    Professor – Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

    After completion of the LEAD21 program, Dr. Frazer took a management position as the associate director of the school of forest resources and conservation. In addition, he was named chair of UF’s oil spill task force.

    Dr. Frazer researches aquatic ecosystems and how they are affected by changes as a result of a growing population, industrial and urban pollution and extreme climatic events. His research has shed light on nutrient enrichment in central Florida’s gulf coast aquatic systems, specifically spring-fed river and associated estuaries.


    Jackie Burns – 2008

    Director – UF Citrus Research and Education Center

    Professor – Horticultural Science                 

    Dr. Burns was appointed director of the UF Citrus Research and Education Center in 2011 after serving as the interim director since 2009. She was been with the center since 1987 and manages the centers involvement in disease control, cultivars, quality control and physiological processes.

    The CREC serves to bridge all the cutting-edge research to industry leaders and incorporates techniques to protect and enhance the quality of Florida’s top cash crop.


    Maria Gallo – 2007

    Chair – Department of Agronomy

    Professor – Agronomy

    After serving as the interim department chair since 2009, Dr. Gallo was named the chair of the department of agronomy in 2011. Gallo has been with IFAS since 1996 and has done extensive research on molecular genetics of agronomic crops that are vital to Florida, such as the peanut.

    Dr. Gallo has steered the department of agronomy toward finding more sustainable practices for both food and biofuel production.


    Dorota Haman – 2006

    Chair – Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

    Professor – Agricultural and Biological Engineering  

    After completion of the Lead21 program, Dr. Haman was named chair of the department of agricultural and biological engineering. Her research encompasses sustainable practices of irrigation systems and international irrigated agriculture, especially in Egypt and Zimbabwe.

    In addition to serving as department chair, she works as a professor in her department, teaching classes on irrigation systems.