• Advanced Release Tool

    This form temporarily establishes the release of funds and/or extension of time as needed by the principle investigator until the official award or modification of existing award can be established. The department will be required to incur any charges that will not be covered should the official award or modification not arrive to replace this temporary release.

  • Animal Research Committee (ARC) Protocol System

    This form is used obtain approval from the IFAS Animal Research Committee to perform non-regulated animal research.

  • CAS Exemption Approval

    This form is used to provide written justification to exempt costs that may be allowed as direct charges to a grant. The form should include a description of the "unlike circumstances" that warrant these costs. Examples include: Postage, Basic Telephone, General Office Supplies, and General Purpose software.

  • Cost Sharing Commitment Letter

    Cost Sharing and matching funds must be verifiable in the University's records. This form is used to document the cost share applied to a particular proposal submission, is required at the time of proposal submission, and is later verified at the time of award via the cost share certification form.

  • Disclosure of Financial Conflict of Interest for NIH/NSF

    In order to certify compliance with federal regulations, 42 CFR Part 50, Subpart F, university policy requires that all investigators and other key personnel on NIH, NSF and AHA proposals, fill out and sign a Sponsored Research Disclosure of Significant Financial Conflict of Interest form before the proposal is submitted by the university to these agencies. It is the principal investigator's responsibility to ensure that Disclosure of Significant Financial Conflict of Interest form for all investigators (including co-principal investigators and other employees responsible for the design, conduct, and reporting of the research) are obtained on a timely basis in order to meet proposal application deadlines.

  • Federal Demonstration Project Request for Approval

    The FDP form should be used when institutional prior approval is required on a project awarded under the FDP terms and conditions, such as requesting pre-award costs or re-budgeting categories not normally including indirect costs (such as tuition, equipment or subcontracts in excess of $25,000) to those categories that would have included indirect costs under the federally negotiated rate such as salaries, travel, supplies or other expenses.

  • IFAS Proposal Processing Checklist

    Use this document to review your proposal before submission to IFAS Proposal Processing.

  • IFAS Service Program

    The IFAS Service Program process can only be completed via the eDSR-1 tool.

  • Intellectual Property Check List

    This form is used to provide a more detailed level of information regarding the possible technologies which may arise from a particular project.

  • Sponsored Program Agreement (SPA) Tool

    Sponsored Program Agreement (SPA) is a standard contract meant to simplify and expedite the contracting process between the University and a non-federal sponsor. The SPA serves as a contract and, if unaltered, does not require any negotiation. Please note that intellectual property rights, material transfer conditions, and/or confidentiality clauses preclude the use of an SPA.

    The SPA’s indirect cost rate is 28.5% of modified total direct costs (MTDC) as opposed to the University's federally negotiated Indirect Cost (IDC) rate. The SPA reduces the pre-Award setup cycle time, and full payment is required by the sponsor upon execution of the SPA.

  • Standard Research Agreement Tool

    Standard Research Agreement is a standard contract that is meant to simplify and expedite the contracting process between the University and a sponsor. The RA is pre-approved and does not require any negotiation. When using an RA please note: a DSR-1 is needed, the RA carries the full federal negotiated indirect cost rate of the University. If the sponsor chooses, the contract language is negotiable and it does not require all funding monies to be paid upon execution.

  • Statement of Intent/Intent to Collaborate

    Endorsement from the Subcontractor's Authorized Official. This letter of intent is required at the time of proposal submission for any sub contractual arrangements included in the proposal and must be accompanied by budget/budget justification pages, cost share documentation and scope of work to be performed by the subcontractor.