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UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesTemporary Calf Removal > A UF/IFAS study suggests ranchers may want to reconsider temporarily removing calves from their mothers before the cows are bred; it appears to have no influence on pregnancy rates.

UF/IFAS Research - Featured Discoveries

UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesFeed Efficiency > UF/IFAS research shows the most feed-efficient heifers mature into feed-efficient cows.

Credits: Grigory Fedyukovich/iStock/Thinkstock

UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesEarly Weaning > Beef calves are typically weaned at 220 to 250 days of age, but a UF/IFAS study showed that weaning a cow’s first calf at 70 days improved the odds of a successful second pregnancy.

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UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesProfessor Alvin C. Warnick > Retired UF/IFAS animal sciences Professor Alvin C. Warnick, seen above in a file photo from 1960, devoted his career to improving Florida beef cattle production.

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UF/IFAS Research Natural Resources2015 SUMMER INTERNSHIP > For Juniors and Seniors interested in gaining valuable experience in research with UF/IFAS.