Request for Research Equipment and Infrastructure Proposals

Request for Research Equipment and Infrastructure Proposals

IFAS Faculty,

The Florida Agricultural Experiment Station and Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, in partnership with the University of Florida's Office of the Vice President for Research, are pleased to announce a request for research equipment and infrastructure proposals. Funding is being provided to enhance research efforts in IFAS. Our goal is to enhance infrastructural capacity for research within IFAS, to increase the impacts of our research efforts, and to increase our competitiveness for extramural funding. Proposals for one-time expenditures of non-recurring funds are requested. Though we recognize their importance, funds to support personnel or recurring infrastructure expenses (e.g., long-term equipment leases, maintenance contracts) are not eligible for these funds.

We are accepting proposals for $25k to $75k of support and strongly encourage matching funds to arrive at the total cost of the proposed infrastructure; availability of a match is not mandatory but will be an important criterion in the grant selection process.

Proposals will be accepted until 5:00 PM, February 29, 2012.

For details on the application process and to submit an application, please go to: