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  • 2010 Annual Research Report

    The research engine of IFAS is alive and well and partnering with Extension more and more to ensure that the mission of the Experiment Station — captured in our tag line, Discovery, Innovation and Application — is applied to the needs of the citizens of Florida.

  • “The Land Grant University” – the words are easily spoken by some and, unfortunately, all but forgotten by many. This great university of ours is a land grant university. Not because of the leaders that steer the ship, but due rather to the spirit of those that hold the land grant passion in their hearts. This is not a description of where we came from, it is a description of what we are called to be. To some it may mean nothing, but for others it is a way of life, a way of instilling passion and focus on being a citizens’ university that integrates TEACHING, RESEARCH and EXTENSION and reaches out to meet the needs of society.

  • 2008 Annual Research Report (PDF)

    In Search of Solutions …The modern day land-grant university anchors its research success in a balanced mission that spans new discoveries, innovative explorations and down-to-earth applications. If you seek knowledge only for knowledge’s sake, then you leave a commitment to society behind. Focus only on innovation and you leave the richness of new discovery to others and commitment to real world solutions as an unrealized dream. Tend only to applications and your well runs dry with no new knowledge driving innovations to feed our need for solutions. The only viable answer, a response to our heritage and our future as the land-grant university of Florida, requires that we achieve all three research objectives: new discoveries, innovative explorations and functional applications. Our single largest sponsor — The State of Florida — expects great return on its investment and each year seeks a more entrepreneurial response to its commitment. The faculty of IFAS respond with remarkable ingenuity, vitality and passion!

  • Welcome to Florida’s Agricultural Experiment Station. With almost 1000 faculty across 17 disciplines, 13 Research and Education Centers and 67 counties, we offer an extraordinary breadth of science for agricultural, natural resources and human systems. Our faculty is at the core of this science—together, they define our capacity, our vision and our direction. This annual report is a col- lection of articles reflecting some of the groundbreaking accomplishments of our faculty’s programs.

  • Changes in Florida’s agriculture have been dramatic, and they provide major challenges and major opportunities for research at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).