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2015 IFAS RESEARCH SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROGRAM > For Juniors and Seniors interested in gaining valuable experience in research.

UF/IFAS Research - Featured Discoveries

UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesLIONFISH > Lionfish are the only non-native fish established in Florida’s coastal waters, and UF/IFAS research suggests that efforts to remove the species via fishing derbies can help.

Credits: Grigory Fedyukovich/iStock/Thinkstock

UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesBRAZILIAN PEPPERTREE > UF/IFAS researchers discovered that Brazilian peppertrees found in Florida originated from two parts of Brazil and hybridized here; the finding helps explain how the invasive plant survives Florida winters.

UF/IFAS Research - Featured Discoveries

UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesAVOCADO > Florida is the nation’s second-largest avocado producer, but a fungal disease known as laurel wilt threatens the $30 million industry; UF/IFAS researchers are pursuing solutions.

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UF/IFAS Research Natural ResourcesCOMBATING HYDRILLA > Underwater cameras can help scientists study freshwater fish behavior in and around dense mats of the invasive aquatic weed hydrilla, say UF/IFAS researchers.